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  • Unique Design due to parallel inlet/outlet
  • Compared to other products in the market longer operating cycle
  • 4 Sizes available : DN200, DN250, DN300, DN400
  • Basket easy to take out and clean
  • Solid Cover, can be adjusted to 4 sides
  • Ideal for Coarse Filtration > 3000 µ
  • Used in the automotive industry wordwide
Order-No Description Material Surface
SKF-273-150-1-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN150, 4bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-323-200-1-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN200, 4bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-356-250-1-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN250, 4bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-406-300-1-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN300, 4bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-273-150-1-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN150, 6bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-323-200-1-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN200, 6bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-356-250-1-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN250, 6bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-406-300-1-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN300, 6bar 1.4301 glass beaded
SKF-273-150-2-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN150, 4bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-323-200-2-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN200, 4bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-356-250-2-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN250, 4bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-406-300-2-1-4 Strainer basketfilter DN300, 4bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-273-150-2-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN150, 6bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-323-200-2-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN200, 6bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-356-250-2-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN250, 6bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-406-300-2-1-6 Strainer basketfilter DN300, 6bar 1.4571 glass beaded
SKF-273-150-x-x-x-E Gasket EPDM instead of NBR
SKF-323-200-x-x-x-E Gasket EPDM instead of NBR
SKF-356-250-x-x-x-E Gasket EPDM instead of NBR
SKF-406-300-x-x-x-E Gasket EPDM instead of NBR
Spareparts and Accessories    
SKF-SK-150-1 Basket for SKF DN150 1.4571 acid-pickled
SKF-SK-200-1 Basket for SKF DN200 1.4571 acid-pickled
SKF-SK-250-1 Basket for SKF DN250 1.4571 acid-pickled
SKF-SK-300-1 Basket for SKF DN300 1.4571 acid-pickled
SKF-D-150-E Gasket for SKF DN150 EPDM EPDM  
SKF-D-150-E Gasket for SKF DN200 EPDM EPDM  
SKF-D-150-E Gasket for SKF DN250 EPDM EPDM  
SKF-D-150-E Gasket for SKF DN300 EPDM EPDM  
SKF-D-150-N Gasket for SKF DN150 NBR NBR  
SKF-D-150-N Gasket for SKF DN200 NBR NBR  
SKF-D-150-N Gasket for SKF DN250 NBR NBR  
SKF-D-150-N Gasket for SKF DN300 NBR NBR  
  A B C
DIN 150 533 400 671,5
DIN 200 584 400 686,5
DIN 250 635 400 686,5
DIN 300 720 400 686,5
  filter area m² m³/h max.
DIN 150 0,50 50
DIN 200 0,62 62
DIN 250 0,68 68
DIN 300 0,78 78
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